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There Is POWER In The Name Of Jesus, To Do The Impossible! (Jeremiah 10:6, Ephesians 3:20)

Jesus Christ has given us authority to use His Name, when He tells us in John 14:13, "Whatever you ask in My Name, I will do, so My Father may be glorified in the Son.” Sickness, Debt and Discouragement is losing its power over your Future and Destiny in Jesus’ Name! #Approach God's Throne of Grace today with confidence, tell God what you need and begin to thank Him for all He has done! (Philippians 4:6) #Expect a turnaround in your favor and for your good! (Romans 8:28)
"Pray All The Time And Never Give Up!" “That's why I tell you to have faith that you have already received whatever you pray for and it will be yours!" If you ask anything in My Name I will do it!” (Luke 18:1, Mark 9:23, John 14:14) ~ GOD
Pray This Prayer With Me: Father, thank You for being my Chief Intercessor and thank You that You love to do the impossible in ways that will always bring You glory. (Romans 8:33-34) Father, I need Your Divine intervention today and I ask that You touch my l…