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Remain Confident You Will See The Goodness Of The LORD In The Land Of The Living! (Psalm 27:13)

In the scripture above David fought against despair, even when he heard the tempter’s voice whisper give up; David turned his eyes toward the LORD. Life happens, even when you’re not ready, but the question is: Will you believe, before your last day, you will see the goodness of the LORD? Someone will come into your life and appreciate you, you will laugh again, you will be healed, a career door will open, you will own your home? You will see the goodness of the LORD, but only the LORD knows what He will have to take you through to get you there. So for now, choose not to worry about what you don’t have and be grateful for the wonderful blessings God has given to you. I encourage you to celebrate what an incredible life you’ve had so far: the accomplishments, the many blessings, and yes, even the difficulties and disappointments, because they have served purpose to make you stronger, wiser and better! 

“Forget the former things! It is nothing compared to what I am going to do! I am goi…