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Give God Your Weakness & God Will Give You Strength!

When You’re At Your Weakest, Then You’re Strong! (2 Corinthians 12:10) One of the enemy's most effective strategies is to fill our minds with thoughts about are weaknesses, as result keeping us unhappy. When our focus is on what Christ can do through us, we’ll understand we’re much more than people living in affliction—we’re witnesses of God’s mercy and power at work in our lives. By faith, allow God to strengthen your spirit and show you His power at work in you! (Joel 3:10, Ephesians 3:20) There is unlimited greatness of God’s power for those who believe! (Ephesians 1:19)

God’s Word To You: "My Grace is all you need. My Power is strongest, when you are weak!" (2 Corinthians 12:9)

Pray This Prayer With Me: LORD, thank You that my limits are not Your limits. I thank You for being my Lord, my Savior & my Strength! I humbly pray this prayer, in Jesus' name, Amen! Have a great day and a great weekend! Never forget, in all circumstances, God loves you and you are extr…