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Looking Back Is Not An Option! (Genesis 19:26)

Satan loves to discourage us by getting us to focus our attention on the past and not the present and future problem solver. I encourage you to press forward and don’t look back. Seek God’s word more and become stronger and wiser in the Lord! Continue to keep your faith and expectations high, continue to trust God—no matter what and continue to endure until the end! (Matthew 24:13) You will get the victory!

God’s Word To You: “I am your God. I keep on strengthening you; I'm truly helping you. I'm surely upholding you with My victorious right hand!" (Isaiah 41:10)

Pray this prayer with me: Father, I trust that You are faithful to every promise and You will bring me into a closer relationship with Your Son Jesus. Today I choose to trust You, I choose to put my faith and hope in you, knowing that You are good and You have good things in store for my future! I humbly pray, in Jesus' name, amen… Have a great day! Never forget, in all circumstances, God loves you and you a…