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Gracious Love Surrounds Those Who Trust In The LORD! (Psalm 32:10 ISV)

You Bless Righteous People, O LORD. Like A Large Shield, You Surround Them With Your Favor! (Psalm 5:12 GWT) Even during difficult times, a mature faith recognizes within their heart—God is good and He is for us and not against us! (Psalm 100:5, Romans 8:30-32) Life without adversity can cause us to become satisfied in our spiritual growth. How we respond to our trials can either make us or break us. (James 1:1-4) No matter the trial, I encourage you by faith to put your trust in the LORD—you will not be ashamed! (Psalm 25:3) God’s favor can turn your situation from bad to good, He can open doors, no one can shut, people who disfavored you, because of God’s favor, they will favor you! (Romans 8:28, Revelation 3:8, Genesis 50:20)

“I know the plans that I have for you. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope!” (Jeremiah 29:11) ~ God

Pray This Prayer With Me: Father, I thank You for the favor You have covered me with as a shield! Today I choo…