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Greater Is Coming For You!

Forget What Is Behind And Strain Toward What Is Ahead! (Philippians 3:14) Living in the past whether its yesterday, last week or last year, can come at a detriment to our future and can hinder us from receiving the promises of God! God promises in everything we experience in life, if we love Him, He will work everything out for our good and testimony! (Romans 8:28) After asking God to make us, mold us and shape us into His image, the problem arises, when we mumble and complain and get stuck in the wilderness, delaying the lesson learned and the testimony to be won! I encourage you today not to give in to the conditions surrounding you, however, take the time through spiritual discipline to see the advantage God has given you. Walk in your destiny, through the wilderness and into the promises of God—there is greater peace, greater favor and a fresh and greater anointing waiting!

God’s Word To You: “When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you. When you’re in rough waters, you …