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God’s Plan Defeats Satan’s Plan Or Plot Any Day & In Every Way!

God Causes Everything To Work Together For The Good Of Those Who Love Him And Are Called According To His Purpose For Them! (Romans 8:28) God also decided ahead of time to choose us through Christ according to His plan, which makes everything work the way He intends! (Ephesians 1:11)

“There Is Hope For Your Future, Declares The LORD!” (Jeremiah 31:17) Nothing revives us more to a new strength in our present circumstances and raises our self-esteem like the knowledge of what God thinks of us! Sometimes we need to be reminded that God is still active in our lives and He knows our name and our conditions. It is to be understood that there may be days of discomfort and weariness, while you wait for God's Word to become visible concerning the conditions of your life, but it is also to be understood God wants to use you! You’re not illegitimate. God is incapable of making mistakes and He made you for His purpose and His plan! God’s Word To You: “I Know The Plans That I Have For You, Decl…