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Greater Is He Who Is In You!

Dear Children, You Belong To God. So You Have Won The Victory Over These People, Because The One Who Is In You Is Greater Than The One Who Is In The World! (1 John 4:4 GW) 1st John chapter 4 verses 2-4 teach us a valuable lesson: In this world there are 2 forces in existence, the one in you (God—His Holy Spirit) and the one in this world (Satan). The spirit of the antichrist (Satan) and the spirit of God are on two complete opposite sides and are at war each and every day. However, child of God—we’re able to overcome the world and everything that opposes Christ, because Christ who lives inside of us is greater than anything world. Jesus Christ has already won the victory and we too have victory over every work of Satan. God is so incomparably greater than any of Satan’s attacks—there is no contest whatsoever. I encourage you, even through hours of darkness, discomfort or despair, to look at your condition with eyes of faith, turn to what the Scriptures reveal as the truth about God an…