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Believe Victory Is Yours Today!

Everyone Who Is Born From God Has Won The Victory Over The World! (1 John 5:4) Today the Christian community celebrates Good Friday as one of the most important days of the year. One may ask, “Why do we call it Good Friday, when such a gruesome public murder took place?” We call it Good Friday, because Jesus willingly suffered and died by crucifixion as the ultimate sacrifice for our sins. The good news is, Jesus did not remain in the grave, He was resurrected on that 3rd day, so we celebrate from Good Friday leading up to Resurrection Sunday! Just as Christ won the victory at Calvary, He is waiting on us to carry out that same victory in our own lives! As God’s children, we have nothing to fear when the enemy strikes, since God has placed everything under His feet, He has placed everything under our feet as well! (Hebrews 2:8) With God in control of every aspect of our lives, we can always expect that in the end victory belongs to Him and victory belongs to us!

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