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Those Who Control Their Tongue Will Have A Long Life; Opening Your Mouth Can Ruin Everything! (Proverbs 13:3 NLT)

Watch Your Mouth” is one of many pearls of wisdom my parents taught me at an early age. “Watch Your Mouth” meaning, “Be mindful of what you say before you say it, so your words won’t get you into trouble.” I’ve practice “Watch Your Mouth” in my faith walk, by being careful of what comes out of my mouth. “Watch Your Mouth” is simply translated in Biblical terms to mean confession. Confession means, “To say the same thing in agreement with God’s Word.” God’s Word is Gospel. Gospel means, “Good News.” No matter how bad the situation, you can always search the scripture and find some “Good News.” Once you find the “Good News,” it’s time to confess. Don’t confess “bad or negative news,” because circumstances are terrible, but confess the Word of God. No matter if you’re in debt up to the ceiling, “My God shall supply all my needs—Philippians 4:19, No matter how sick you or a loved one may get, “By His strips I am and they’re healed—Isaiah 53:5,” or no matter how weak “By His grace, I’m go…