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God Will Keep You In The Midst Of It All!

God Is With Us! (Matthew 1:23)

Trials and difficulties are simply a part of life and quite honestly, the longer we walk with the Lord the bigger trials will become. However, we do not respond in fear or defeat, but we respond in faith! The Bible teaches us in Psalm 34:19, the righteous person has many troubles, but the LORD rescues him from all of them! When the scripture says, the LORD rescues us out of them all, it means all, even while we remain in a dangerous situation, God comes to our rescue! As I look through the scriptures and see in Daniel 3, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego in the midst of the fiery furnace, God was with them! In Daniel 6, Daniel was in the midst of the lion's den, God was with him! It would have been nothing for God to demonstrate His power and remove them from their situation, but no, He decided to leave them there to show them and us He doesn’t have to remove us from the situation, but He can keep us in the midst of it all! The good news is: it’s not at …