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Thanks Be To God, Who In Christ Always Leads Us In Triumphal Procession! (2 Corinthians 2:14)

No matter the circumstances, if you’re following Christ, He’ll always lead you in a victory parade! You’ll experience victory in areas of your life where it seems the only option is disappointment or loss. This God given victory is all-encompassing, because the scripture says, Christ “always,” meaning it’s not a hit or miss! From death to life, illness to healed, jobless to a successful career, from stress to no worries, from struggle to accomplishment, from sadness to joy, etc… Our God Almighty takes failure from whoever will give it to Him and gives success in all things! (1 Peter 5:7) I encourage you to change your viewpoint of your condition, even if it seems like there is no progress, because if your trust is in the LORD, nothing will interrupt your victory—in all things you’re more than a conqueror through Him who loves you! (Romans 8:37)

“I've told you this so that My peace will be with you. In the world you'll have trouble. But cheer up! I have overcome the world."…