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Your Help Is On The Way!

The Lord will rescue you from every evil deed and bring you safely into His Heavenly Kingdom! To God be the glory forever and ever! Amen! (2 Timothy 4:18) God's children don't have to worry over evil that's against us or ahead of us, because we're covered by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Whether it's an attack on your body, your finances or your family, it may attack, but it will not attach!

The Lord Rescues His Own! Trust Me in your times of trouble, and I will rescue you! (Psalm 50:15) The righteous person has many troubles, but the LORD rescues him from all of them! (Psalm 34:19) Every plot, plan or weapon that's formed against you, Will Not Work! The God we serve will bring us out, He will bring us through and He will get glory out of whatever we go through. Jesus Christ: gave Himself to rescue all of us!" (1 Timothy 2:5), but that means we need to admit that we need rescuing. It takes honesty and humility to admit our need and say like David, "I am i…