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Only Believe! You Will Surely See God’s Power! (Mark 5:36-43)

Until You Act In Faith, Your Faith Is Useless. (James 2:17) The more you fill your heart, mouth and your life with faith, the more you’ll experience the supernatural power of God! If your focus is on the impossibility, you’re traveling down the wrong road. Impossibility determines that the bad is irreversible. The door of opportunity is closed forever. The relationship is over. How or will I ever recovery from this? People who think this way often miss out on the greatest successes and blessings in life. If you’ve never known what it is to fail, hit rock bottom or lose, but you still keep bouncing back and believing—more than likely you’re not using your faith muscle and you’re missing out on the greater that God has for you. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. (Hebrews 11:6) Today God is waiting for you to believe, so that He can respond! I encourage you to believe the impossible is possible! All things are possible if you believe! (Mark 9:23)

“Every valley will be raised. …