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Fight The Good Fight Of Faith! (1 Timothy 6:12) Watch God Do The Rest!

The LORD Is Fighting For You! Just Stay Calm! (Exodus 14:14) Let go [of your concerns]! Then you will know that I am God. I rule the nations. I rule the earth! (Psalm 46:10) The battle (fight, struggle, problem, etc…) may be too big or too difficult for you and I, but it’s never too big for our God!

This Battle Is Not Your Battle It Belongs To The Lord
! So often, we try to fight an ever losing battle, because the battle was never designed for us to struggle with, but it was designed for us to trust God and allow Him to demonstrate His power, so He can get the glory. The good news is God is ready and willing to fight for you, to guarantee you total victory over every struggle! Trust God and put it in His Hands! He can handle it! The LORD your God is the one who goes with you, to fight for you (Deuteronomy 31:8), against Satan (your struggle, your greatest opposition, your adversary etc…), to give you eternal victory! Who is this king of glory? The LORD, strong and mighty! The LORD, he…