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[Ask, Seek, Knock] Ask And It Will Be Given To You; Seek And You Will Find; Knock And The Door Will Be Opened To You! (Matthew 7:7) Pray Believe & Receive What You Ask For! If You Ask Me For Anything In My Name, I Will Do It! (John 14:14) Your Father Knows What You Need Before You Ask Him! (Matthew 6:8)

This Is The Confidence We Have In Him, That, If We Ask Any Thing According To His Will, He Hears Us! (1 John 5:14) "The word "confidence" in this text describes a person so confident, bold and assured, that when he speaks, he has no doubt about what he is saying. He knows what he is saying is correct; therefore, he becomes very bold. In the context of prayer, this word gives us a picture of a believer who is so confident he is right in what he is asking that he asks unashamedly and confidently. What can give you this kind of confidence? The verse goes on to tell you: "If we ask any thing according to His Will, He hears us. Praying scriptural and in faith is impo…