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Believe The Report Of The Lord! (Isaiah 53:1)

“All Things Are Possible For One Who Believes!” (Mark 9:23 ESV)

As believers of Christ, life is no longer an experiment and we have the keys to receive the things that we desire, because we have the ability to believe God! Jesus told His disciples to think outside of the box and believe God for the impossible. Jesus also told them the only requirement for receiving was their believing. The only thing that limits what God can and will do in our lives, is our belief system. It's that simple. Your life right now is a result of what you have believed over the past weeks, months and years. If you want to change your life, you must first start by changing what you believe! The only way the devil can rob us is to cause us to doubt God's faithfulness to His Word. But, if God has promised it in His Word, it can happen and will happen, when you believe! "

God’s Word To You: “If you can believe, all things are possible to the one who believes!" (Mark 9:23)
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