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Believe God Will Make A Way!

Trust In The LORD With All Your Heart; Do Not Depend On Your Own Understanding. Seek His Will In All You Do, And He Will Show You Which Path To Take! (Proverbs 3:5-6 NLT) Most seek to understand during difficult times rather than seek the will or path God has purposed for their life. Life’s road may get uncomfortable, rocky, and uncertain or leave us feeling like we’re in a really dark place, but that’s the time we’re to turn on the light of God’s Word and trust Him more. Many desire the Holy Spirit’s guidance, but they don’t seek godly counsel or the Word of God. The Word of God and prayer are the tools the Spirit of God uses to guide us. I encourage you to seek God’s Word, pray, make this a daily practice, so you’re not just casually reading, but seek to know God and where the answers are. Even when life gets difficult or you find yourself in a valley or a dark place, you’ll know with certainty you have sought God’s guidance every step of the way and God will make a way! (Psalm 23)