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God Is Able—He Specializes In The Impossible!

God Is Able To Do Above & Beyond Anything We Can Ever Ask, Think Or Imagine! (Ephesians 3:20) Some of the hardest moments in life are the periods between believing God’s promise and receiving the fulfillment of that promise. That period when waiting on the test results and you’ve prayed, fasted and quoted scriptures, yet still can’t help but be uneasy. Awake when you should be sleeping and sleepy when you should be awake. The period between the many interviews and the call to say, “You’ve got the job.” During those periods we must walk by faith and hold tight to God’s promises—knowing God is faithful! God has made promises for you that are bigger and better than your current circumstances. He knows one day you’ll be joyful and look back at this and say, “Thank You God for allowing me to go through that, because You knew just what You were doing the entire time!” You may not know when God will make what seems to be impossible possible, but you can be sure He can and He will. I enco…