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"Ask For Anything You Want And It Will Be Yours!" (John 15:7 GWT) ~ God

“If you live in Me and what I say lives in you, ask for anything you want, and it will be yours!" (John 15:7 GWT) The enemy, satan knows God’s people are destroyed, if they lack of knowledge of God’s word. (Hosea 4:6 KJV, ESV) Abiding is what “real” disciples—followers of Jesus Christ do. The word abide can be translated to dwell, to take up residence or to live within. Living in God’s Word so much that it fills us up, guides our thoughts and overflows from our lips. (Joshua 1:8) If we’re not abiding in Jesus’ words, if we’re not basing everything we believe on the Word of God, we can’t expect to receive the true manifestation of the supernatural, miraculous power of God. When there is an emergency in our lives, whether it’s sickness, lack or an “I need You now Lord” situation, our first response is critical, when it comes to the success of what we’re asking God for. I encourage you to allow God to live in you, you live for Him and watch God do exceeding, abundant, more than you …