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God’s Favor Lasts A Lifetime! (Psalm 30:5 NIV)

God Surrounds You With Favor As A Shield! (Psalm 5:12)

Grace And Peace Be Yours In Abundance Through The Knowledge Of God And Of Jesus Our Lord! (2 Peter 1:2 NIV) If you would like to walk in a greater measure of God’s favor, 2 Peter 1:2 says that grace, which is the undeserved favor of God and peace, can be multiplied to you. As we walk in divine favor and peace, we will walk in blessings in every area of our life to include, but not limited to whole­ness, health and prosperity etc… The scripture above also teaches us, the undeserved favor and peace of God increases and is multiplied in our lives as our knowledge of Jesus’ finished work increases. It comes as we learn more about God and believe that through Jesus’ one sacrifice on the cross, God removed all our sins, gave us His righteousness as a gift and put us in Christ to enjoy everything Jesus has! Today, you don’t have to struggle for favor. Just release it by speaking God’s Word in faith. Speak it and receive it: “God’s favor …