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Are You Waiting On God Or Is God Waiting On You?

God Will Fulfill His Purpose For You! (Psalms 57:2 NLT)

 I hear many say, “I’m waiting on God.” When we talk about waiting on God, we must understand there are times God also waits on us until we’re ready to receive, until we appreciate what we’re asking for, until our maturity level is appropriate and our understanding elevated. There are times God waits until we think He’s forgotten us, just to test and grow our faith. God can solve a problem in a minute, but patience has to finish its work in you, so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything! (James 1:4) The word teaches us in Isaiah 30:18, “blessed are all who wait for Him!” The keyword in that scripture is: Wait! You cannot get to the blessings without the wait. If you’ve been praying for God to send you the right partner, for a better job or a change in your current situation etc..., whether He changes the situation or changes you, God will fulfill His purpose He has for you! Trust God sees the big picture and He…