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The Battle Is Not Yours’, It Belongs To The Lord!

The Battle Is Not Yours’, It Belongs To The Lord! During the greatest struggles of our life, God is teaching us to trust Him and that the every trial is working for a Greater Good! Fight a good fight for the faith and claim eternal life! (1 Timothy 6:12) Jesus Defeated All Of Your Enemies, Before The Fight Ever Began! We defeat Satan by the Blood of the Lamb and the Message of God! (Revelation 12:11) If you are going to be victorious, you must stretch forth your hand by speaking and acting on the Word of God, even when circumstances are up against you. As we trust God's Plan, God gives us the power and God guarantees us total victory! God's Word is an important weapon to us as believers. In the same way, prayer is important, if we plan to be victorious, no matter what we are going through. Pray this prayer with me: Father, I thank You for being persistent in my life, for never giving up on me, for showing me how much Love You have for me and for You bringing peace and joy into…