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The LORD Is Good All The Time & All The Time God Is Good!

Give Thanks To The Lord, For He Is Good, For His Steadfast Love Endures Forever! (Psalm 136:1-3) Finding something to be thankful for in everything is surely what the LORD desires. Today is a new day of grace, mercy and committed love that comes from our heavenly Father, so we can’t help but rejoice in this day and rejoice in Him for being good all the time! We don’t serve just a god, but as the scripture tells us in Psalm 136:2, He is God of gods! We don’t serve just a lord, but as the scripture tells us in Psalm 136:3, He is LORD of lords! When we center our focus and trust on the God and LORD who knows all—omniscient, He is always present—omnipresent and He is all powerful—omnipotent, we can’t help but come to the conclusion God is good! I encourage you, no matter what’s happening, no matter how dark the moment, to be still and know God is good all the time and God is working out a purpose beyond what you can imagine! (Romans 8:28, Ephesians 3:20)

“The mountains may move, and the …