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Believe God Will Make A Way, Even When It Seems There Is No Way!

God Will Make A Pathway Through Your Wilderness & Will Make Rivers In Your Dry Places! (Isaiah 43:19)

In our text on today, God gives us a promise of provision. Provision meaning: providing beforehand. Our God is so awesome that He promises provision while we’re in our conditions. When it appears the doors of possibilities are closed, when it seems we’ve exhausted all resources, when it feels we’ve done all we can, when it seems we’ve taken one step forward and two steps backwards, God is declaring that He is still able to make a way! Never try putting God on your time schedule, but instead cling to Him, anchor your heart to His Word and leave room for Him to bring everything together according to His plan and timing. (Romans 8:28) Once you learn to follow Him, pursue His lead wherever He goes because He never fails to keep His promises. Regardless of how high your sea may look o...n today, regardless of how rough the water may be, regardless of how strong the wind may blow, God p…