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Stay Focused On God’s Plan For You!

All Things Work Together And Are Fitting Into A Plan For Good To And For Those Who Love God And Are Called According To His Design And Purpose! (Romans 8:28 Amp) A Good Result Is Going To Happen For You!

Never Lose Hope It Will Bring You A Great Reward! (Hebrews 10:3) When we focus on God’s promises and His plans we keep the enemy from winning victory in our lives. The enemy wants to takes us down the slippery slope of disbelief which leads to discouragement, which leads to defeat, which leads to hopelessness and unhappiness. Don’t let the enemy drain you of your joy and hope, because that’s where your greatest strength is. (Nehemiah 8:10) God is bigger, God is able and He brings victory as we allow Him to fight for us!

God’s Word To You: “I know the plans that I have for you, declares the LORD. They are plans for peace and not disaster, plans to give you a future filled with hope!” (Jeremiah 29:11)

Pray this prayer with me: Father I thank You even in the midst of affliction, I can exp…