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“Whatever You Ask In Prayer, You Will Receive, If You Have Faith!” (Matthew 21:22 ESV) ~ God

"If You Abide In Me And My Words Abide In You, You Can Ask For Anything You Want, And You'll Receive It! (John 15:7 ISV) ~ God 

The word “abide” means to remain or continue in God’s word. This word can also be translated to dwell, to take up residence or to live within. In John 15:7 GWT, Jesus speaks to us when He says, “If you live in Me and what I say lives in you, then ask for anything you want and it will be yours!” Allowing God’s words to guide our thoughts and constantly flow from our lips, our lives are never the same and we’re forever transformed by the supernatural power of God! (Joshua 1:8) On the other hand, if we’re not abiding in God’s word, if we’re not basing everything we believe on the Word of God, we cannot expect to receive the true manifestation and benefits of His word. God wants us to know His truth, as He lives in us and us in Him. When we learn to live the life that pleases God, God will give us what we ask for! I encourage you to allow God to live in y…