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By His Wounds You Are Healed! (Isaiah 53:5 NIV)

What you are saying is shaping your future. (James 3:5) The true test of God’s Word living, moving and existing in you is what comes forth when you’re in battle. (Acts 17:28) Each word you speak carries with it either life or death. (Proverbs 18:20-21) If you’re struggling with where you are right now, I encourage you to focus on what you’re speaking and make certain your words line up with God’s Will! (Psalm 19:14) There is supernatural power within you that is greater than any sickness, fear, debt, setback or setup! (1 John 4:3-5) Decree and declare, while going through your test on your way to your testimony, “I WILL SAY of the LORD, He is my Refuge and my Fortress, my God, on Him I lean and rely and in Him I (confidently) trust.” (Psalm 91:2 AMP)

"If You Abide In Me And My Words Abide In You, You Can Ask For Anything You Want, And You'll Receive It! (John 15:7 ISV) ~ GOD
Pray This Prayer With Me: LORD, I surrender all to You and I ask that You empower me to take big steps …