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Forget What Is Behind And Press Toward What Is Ahead!

Run Straight Toward The Goal To Win The Prize That God's Heavenly Call Offers In Christ Jesus! (Philippians 3:14) In order to move forward according to the purpose of God, you must rid yourself of people, places or things in your life that mean you little or no good, those that serve no purpose and those that hinder your walk with God!

Move Forward! If you're stuck in the past, realize you cannot move forward looking back or allowing something to hold you back. Whether it’s a broken relationship, a lost job, a past hurt or past pain etc… If someone can't treat you right, love them back and see your worth, if they still don't love you, forgive them and move on. Forget and forgive the people, places and things that hurt you in 2012. If you want to be free, let them go. No matter what it is, expect the best in 2013 and press forward!

God’s Word To You: “I have opened a door in front of you that no one can shut. You only have a little strength, but you have paid attention to…