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His Favor Is For A Lifetime! (Psalm 30:5)

You Bless Righteous People, O LORD. Like A Large Shield, You Surround Them With Your Favor! (Psalm 5:12) The dictionary defines favor as “A friendly or favorable regard; approval or support, to make easier or more possible; favoritism, to get advantage; to be gracious, friendly or an obliging act that is freely granted, etc...” Psalm 5:12 is a reminder to us that wherever we go, whatever we’re experiencing in our life—God’s favor is with us! God’s favor can take you places you’ve only dreamed of, doing things you never thought possible. God’s favor can even cause you to be at peace with your enemies and as a result, they may even end up blessing you! I encourage you to begin to expect God’s favor in your life, speak the favor of God over your loved ones, your ministry, your job, your household, your health and everything that concerns you. The more you put in to practice reminding yourself of God’s desire to bless you and help you no matter what, the more God’s favor will show up!