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God Is Our Refuge And Strength, Always Ready To Help In Times Of Trouble! (Psalm 46:1 NLT)

Trusting God through those dark moments when disappointment, frustration and weariness sets in is not easy. It is easy though to begin depending on our own best thinking, when we lose heart in expecting God to answer our prayers. Many lose faith when life’s difficulties seem to make no sense and God fails to intervene as they think He should. Others simply experience the feeling of disappointment by the church or other Christians and they in turn paint God with the same brush. Many of life’s greatest lessons we will learn comes from time spent with God in the fires of affliction, even when we can’t comprehend why, when or how, but we continue to trust God. I encourage you that are experiencing life’s struggles and disappointments, to hold on a little while longer and never give up—our God is always faithful to every promise!

"My Grace is all you need. My Power is strongest, when you are weak!" (2 Corinthians 12:9) ~ God

Pray This Prayer With Me: Lord, I surrender all to you t…