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The LORD Is Good. His Mercy Endures Forever. His Faithfulness Endures Throughout Every Generation! (Psalm 100:5)

Everything that is happening in your life, every wilderness season you’ve faced, God used and is using those events to stretch your faith. Every day and every moment needs God’s signature of approval and if God wasn’t going to use your difficulty for your good, He wouldn’t have allowed it to happen. (Romans 8:28) Everything you’ve lost, everything withheld from you, every person that walked out on you, lied on you, talked about you in your face, behind your back or in secret—God meant it for your good! (Genesis 50:20) God wants you to use that knowledge and wisdom you’ve gained from past situations, to assist you today and the days ahead He has preordained. (Romans 8:29-30, Jeremiah 29:11) I encourage you today not to give in to the conditions surrounding you, but take the time through spiritual discipline to see the advantage God has given to you!

"The mountains may move and the hills may shake, but my love and faithfulness will never depart from you!" (Isaiah 54:10) ~ God