Believe Your Future Is Greater & Better!

We’ve all made mistakes, made choices and done things we wish we could take back, but that’s in the past, whether yesterday or a year ago. Forgive and move forward. Have the attitude that says, “I know God has a new season for me—a season that is changing for my better!”

God’s Word To You: “Forget the former things, It is nothing compared to what I am going to do! I am going to do something new. It is already happening!” (Isaiah 43:18-19)

Pray This Prayer With Me: Father, today I surrender all to You. May I continually declare with total confidence and conviction, "my best is now and it’s coming!" I humbly pray, in Jesus' name, amen. Have a great day and a great week! Never forget, in all circumstances, God loves you and you are extremely valuable and important in God’s eyes! In His service, Jacob...


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