There Is No Failure In God!

Be More Diligent To Make God's Calling And Choosing Of You Secure! If You Keep Doing This, You Will Never Fail! (2 Peter 1:10)

In the book of John 20:29, Jesus said to Thomas, "You believe because you've seen Me. Blessed are those who haven't seen Me but believe." To believe in all when all means failure is exceedingly pleasing to God. You’re blessed when there is no evidence, but you still have confidence in God. Faith is not about seeing, but faith is believing. (2 Corinthians 5:7) You become Satan’s greatest nightmare when you believe God’s Word, pray God’s Word and praise God for His faithfulness when there is no evidence. Satan will try and attack your mind to keep you living in hopelessness with thoughts of fear, anger and overwhelming questions: “Where is your God now? You prayed until you had no tears left. You fasted. You stood on promises. You trusted.” All of these devices have been the plans of Satan for centuries, but when there is no evidence of an answer to prayer, but you continue to trust and give God the glory, He Won’t Fail You! (Matthew 27:45-46, Matthew 4:4) God’s love prevails. Hold fast to your faith. Stand on His Word. Continue to obey God, continue to be diligent in what He has called you to do and you will experience success and abundance that will exceed all your expectations! (Ephesians 3:20)

God’s Word To You: "The mountains may move, and the hills may shake, but My love and faithfulness will never depart from you!" (Isaiah 54:10)

Pray this prayer with me: Father, I thank You for Your unfailing love to me. You showed me by dying on the cross for me, by saving me, by living in me and by keeping and protecting me each and every day. I thank You that I’m fearless, because You have already given me power over failure! I humbly pray, in Jesus' name, amen. Have a great day and a great week! Never forget, in all circumstances, God loves you and you are extremely valuable and important in God’s eyes! In His service, Jacob...


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